Meet our interns!

20. juni 2023

Have you met our brilliant interns? Our great colleagues and everyday heroes. They are skilled and share everything from new perspectives on architecture to tips and tricks about Copenhagen. We have asked them a couple questions, so we can get to know them even better.


Meet Lorenzo from Italy: Fan of football and technical drawings

Why did you choose to study Architecture?

– In high school I really liked technical drawings, and thanks to my professor, who was architect herself, I was pushed in this direction.


How did you hear about WERK?

– From a previous collaboration with my university (Politecnico di Milano)


What is it like to be an intern at WERK?

– It’s being a great experience so far. Even as an intern, you feel part of the design process. Your say is always listened to and considered.


Your favorite spot for hanging out in Copenhagen?

– Definitely Reffen!


Other things we should know about you?

– I am a BIG football fan, I support Inter. Fun Fact: I have watched the whole trilogy of The Lord of the Rings 5 times. Once without interruptions.

Meet Rozalia from Poland: Model builder and mountain explorer

What do you study?

– I have a bachelor in architecture at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. In August I’m starting my master’s in digital architecture and Emergent Futures at Lund University.


How is it to be an intern at WERK?

– I’ve gained valuable experience in a very supportive environment. I’ve worked on diverse conceptual designs, and I’ve been involved in different stages of the projects. The most exciting experience for me was model building for our exhibition at Danish Architecture Center.


Your favorite spot in Copenhagen?

– Amager Beach is my favourite place to go for a walk or a picturesque bike ride to spend time actively by the water and relax.


Other things we should know about you?

– Apart from architecture my great passion is running and hiking. Every year during the vacation I go on a trip to the mountains.


Meet Dimitra from Greece: Dancing queen and inspired by the light

Why do you study Architectural Engineering?

– I have always been fascinated by spatiality and the light, and how they can activate my senses and imagination.


What is it like to be an intern at WERK?

– Being an intern at WERK is great fun and enlightening. I am currently working on a competition about a school.


Where is your favorite spot for hanging out in Copenhagen?

– I love the lakes and really enjoy walking there with a coffee or an ice cream.


Any Fun Facts we should know of?

– I consider myself a dancer even though I have never danced properly.

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